The LABC Partnership scheme

Hunter Architects & Planners are a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Partner.

The LABC Partnership scheme enables us to have a one-to-one working relationship with the local authority. “We all like to work with people and organisations we know and trust. This is especially true when working on a difficult site, complex design or when introducing innovative design features or construction techniques.

The LABC Partnership scheme Logo

When time and budgets are tight, it makes a big difference to get quick and concise advice – this is where your dedicated Local Authority Building Control consultant comes in”.

The benefits to our clients include:

– a simplified, streamlined and fast track process generating substantial cost and time savings over the standard building control submission process. Local Authority Building Control Partner – Hunter Architects & Planners (Altrincham and Flintshire
– a dedicated professional building control surveyor becomes part of the design team, offering advice on all projects
– the design team approach ensures that any issues can be resolved early in the design process and will eliminate the need for expensive corrections later in the construction phase
– consistent approach to plan appraisal (including full plans approval)
– improved pre-application service
– excellent liaison with other services such as Fire, Police and Environmental Health

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