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Architectural Services

Planning led designs for homes.

Combine your vision with our expertise.

Architectural Services

Hunter Architects provides a comprehensive range of architectural services, from initial concept sketches and feasibility studies through to the obtaining planning permission for your project.

We begin by working closely with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs and vision, explore your options to help you make informed decisions. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, we can help you with the planning stage, which involves submitting your plans to the local authorities and obtaining the necessary approvals.

In other words, Hunter Architects can help you with every step of the process, from brainstorming your initial ideas to getting your plans approved by the local council.

Here’s what else Hunter Architects brings to the table.

First-hand experience

As a husband and wife team with experience designing and constructing our own bespoke family home and working for a housebuilder and developer, we are uniquely placed to provide architectural services and assist you with the design of yours.

We appreciate the financial, legal and personal complexities, limitations and requirements of the process and project.

Let us guide you through the planning process.

Specialised architectural services, knowledge, experience and qualifications

We have specialised knowledge and qualifications in Architecture and Planning, along with experience of working on the Code for Sustainable Homes, Lifetime Homes , conservation and heritage project and a range of other aspects. These combine to create contemporary, bespoke, affordable and appropriate homes for a wide range of clients.

Most architects know the Building Regulations inside out, but very few know the planning legislation in the same way. All of our projects start from a sound knowledge of local and national planning policies and permitted development regulations.

Unique architectural services expertise for your residential project

Our in-house RIBA Architects and RTPI Planning Consultant are integral to the team. Key people have an intimate and ongoing involvement in all projects, from conception to completion. You’ll not be impressed by the ‘Big Guns’ then left with a junior. We’re in this together.

Sustainable by design

Considered from the outset, we balance sustainability requirements with client needs to deliver the best possible design. We have experience in PassivHaus (Passive House), Eco Homes, the Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment and Home Quality Mark schemes.

Conservation Architecture and Heritage

If you are the fortunate caretakers of one of Britain’s historic buildings or your site is located within a Conservation Area, your build requires careful, considered work and understanding to conserve the essential character of the building and area.

We can guide you through the process of working with heritage constraints, and ensure that your historic assets are conserved and enhanced for future generations to enjoy.

How our Architectural Services lead to a successful outcome

We understand that a successful building and quality home is more than just walls and a roof. While the shell, daylighting, space and function set the tone for the project, the sense of homeliness and comfort are in the details.

All of this is pointless unless you can convince the Council to grant approval.

A successful application requires more than just the basic information. Our Architectural Services go beyond the minimum requirements set out.

Our robust packages of information start with good foundations. A topographical survey of the site or a measured survey of the existing building ensures that there is accurate and up-to-date information to work with.

The drawing package is an opportunity to showcase the quality of the scheme and how it sits within context, so 3d visualisations and street elevations can help to bring the project to life and make it easier for the planning officers and neighbours to understand the proposals.

To complete the package, we recommend that our clients submit a planning statement to accompany the drawings. This statement explains how the project aligns with local planning policies, the rationale behind the decisions that have been made, and the benefits of the project.

Architecture Services tailored to your needs

Every client comes to us with a unique set of requirements. If you are at the start of your building journey, this is our process, and how we work.

Do you already have a set of drawings for your proposals?

No – We are are the start of the process

Don’t worry, many of our clients start at this point. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or don’t know where to start, our architectural services can be tailored accordingly.

Initial consultation to develop a brief

Our first step is, to understand what you want from your project. We want to understand what currently works at your property, and what doesn’t. What you hope to gain from the project. What you want the property to look and feel like. How much you have to spend. What the planning constraints of your property are.

We can look at your existing home, or your future home, and make suggestions on how best to move forwards with your project and the potential options and issues. This Insight Meeting can be undertake virtually or at your property; whatever works best for you.

Sketch options

Once we understand what you want, we can get the ball rolling, and produce some sketch options. We like to understand what you like about these sketches as well as what you don’t like, so don’t worry, we won’t be offended if you tell us what you really think!

Design drawings

Once we have reviewed the sketch options together, we will work up the drawings based on what you like and don’t like about the sketches. Often there are elements from each sketch option that you want to combine into your proposals. We will continue to refine these design drawings, adding plans, sections and elevations into the drawing package until we have a scheme that meets your needs.

Planning submission

The design drawings form part of the planning submission, but you may also need some supporting information to help the planning department understand your proposals. A street elevation, 3d visualisation, design and access statement can all help to explain your proposals to neighbours and planning officers. In addition, we can arrange other supporting documents such as tree surveys, ecology reports, highways report as and when they are required.

Pre-Planning Application

If your proposals could be controversial, or you want to get a steer from the Local Authority about the relevant planning issues and your proposals, we can prepare and submit a pre-planning application. We put together a package of information setting out the parameters of your project, and liaise with the Local Authority to get their feedback and opinion on the issues that you may face and the information they will require to accompany your application.

Monitoring the planning application

You might think our work is done once the planning application has been submitted, but we don’t just wait for the decision notice!

We monitor the application and look out for comments from consultees and neighbours alike. That way, we can address any concerns or issues, submitting further information or drawings as required to justify our proposals. It’s not always possible, but we always try to make contact with the planning officer to discuss any areas of concern and resolve issues, to enable the planning officer to make the right decision.

Yes, but …..

Maybe you have some drawings that you aren’t happy with?

Something isn’t quite right with the scheme or the proposals don’t suit your requirement.

Maybe your project has been submitted for planning, but it is going to be refused by the planning officer or even refused planning permission?

Whatever stage you are at with your project, we can provide the advice, guidance and architectural services you need to turn your project into a success.

We can provide the following architectural services:

An initial review

Similar to an insight meeting, we need to understand where you are up to with your project, and what issues need to be resolved. We will listen carefully to your briefing, functional needs and priorities. Whether its drawings that aren’t quite right, or a problem with a planning application, we can review your project and make suggestions on the way forwards.

Design and Access Statements

If you already have a set of drawings for planning submission that you are happy with, we can write a Design and Access statement to accompany your planning application, and explain in writing the design decisions that you have made in your proposals. We can also develop a planning statement, providing justification why the proposals should be considered acceptable.

Exterior design improvements

Maybe you already have the space that you need, but you want your property to look different. We can address issues with poor proportions, or badly designed extensions, we can suggest ways to update the look of your property, and improve the way it functions too! Click here for more information.

Internal space planning

You may already have the space that you need, but it is badly organised and doesn’t flow well. We can review your house layout and suggest ways to improve the flow through the house. We can open up smaller spaces to create rooms with better proportions, we can relocation functions within the house so that they relate better to each other, or we can rationalise circulation spaces to make your property more efficient. We can redesign your layout to make your space work better for you. Click here for more information.

Problem planning applications

Our design skills as Architects and Planners can help to unlock your planning project. If your project is likely to be refused planning permission, or has already received a planning refusal, we can review your application and suggest what is needed to gain planning permission. We can amend the application and resubmit it; we can challenge the decision by submitting a planning appeal, or we can take it back to first principles, and start again to develop a robust application. See our planning services page for more information.

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