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As Altrincham Architects we have obtained planning permission for numerous house extensions and bespoke homes.


RIBA Architects Altrincham - Hale House Extension, remodelling and bespoke new homesAltrincham is a market town in Trafford. Altrincham has been transformed in recent years and remains a popular place to live. The recent development of Altrincham Market, in addition to others, has helped regenerate the town centre. Furthermore, numerous recent developments of homes and restaurants have created a demand for homes and therefore architectural services in Altrincham.

Our clients choose Altrincham homes due to the excellent transport links, schools, open spaces and town centre.

There are a range of house styles and types that we as Altrincham Architects have worked on. From the traditional single storey house extensions of the Victorian terraced houses to to the substantial house extensions and whole house remodelling of larger detached homes. Also including a plethora of 1930’s semi-detached homes two storey house extensions. There are even opportunities for self-build bespoke tailored homes designed by RIBA Architects. There are several Conservation Areas within Altrincham. This include the town centre and also the popular residential areas.

The town encompasses areas such as Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon, Timperley, Dunham Town and Broadheath.

Hale village

The architecture of Hale ranges from the traditional Cheshire brick terraced, semi-detached and detached family homes. In addition there a range of new build bespoke family homes.

Hale village is a popular, vibrant place featuring a range of businesses, shops, restaurants and Architects in Hale. The proximity to Altrincham Town Centre and the nightlife within the village, including popular restaurants, such as Piccolino and Victors etc. are a big draw. As Architects working in Hale there is a constant demand for house extensions to improve and tailor family homes in high-quality places to live.

Hale Barns

Hale Barns Altrincham Architects House Extension and new homesHale Barns is located to the east of Altrincham. It’s proximity to the motorway network and Manchester Airport means that there is always lots of work for Architects in Hale Barns.

We have obtained numerous planning permission for house extensions and whole house remodelling projects in Hale Barns. There is a large amount of 1960’s and 1970’s detached family houses in Hale Barns. This provides an excellent opportunity for our architectural clients to create high-quality contemporary family homes.

Hale Barns Architects know what it takes to make a house a home. Utilising the Trafford Council Guide to House Extensions is a useful starting point for extending and improving our client’s homes.


Architects Altrincham obtain planning permission for house remodelling extension in BowdonBowdon is a another popular place to live. The architecture of Bowdon is quite varied. This provides an excellent opportunity to undertake house extensions and whole house remodelling by Architects in Bowdon.

Bowdon is located to the South of Altrincham. It provides excellent links to the motorway network and countryside, while remaining close to the Town Centre and Manchester, via the train and Metrolink.

As Architects in Bowdon, we can provide an expert design and planning service.

Are you looking to undertake a house extension to one of the period Victorian properties? Or are you wanting to remodel a detached more modern home?

Finding the right Architect in Bowdon with the relevant experience and design skills is vital to the success of your project.


Timperley is a village to the east of Altrincham. It is a popular place to live due to the proximity to the town centre, the excellent schools and the village centre which provides a full range of shops and services. In recent years the village of Timperley has been regenerated with the introduction of the Co-op and Sainsbury’s, the coffee shops and more recently the refurbishment of key businesses such as the Stonemason’s Arms.

As Architects in Timperley, we have created a range of projects including bespoke self-build homes and speculative residential properties. In addition we work on a wide range of house extensions and house remodelling projects for our discerning clients.

Personal Experience of being Altrincham Architects

Ian & Gillian moved to Altrincham after University and have lived in various parts of the town, including Oldfield Brow, Hale village, Timperley village and Broadheath.

Forming Hunter Architects in 2007, Altrincham was the natural choice for the location of the Office, and we have been there ever since.

Obtaining Planning Permission in Altrincham

Trafford Council has a detailed guide to house extensions covering a wide range of extensions, from single-storey rear extensions, two storey side extensions, loft conversions, garden rooms, corner plots, family room, rear extensions and conversions. This guide is a useful starting point, however, appointing an Altrincham based RIBA Architect and Planning Consultant can help create an unique high-quality family home.

Planning Policy is a useful starting point to achieving planning permission in Altrincham however in many cases, particularly for self-build bespoke family homes or substantial whole house remodelling projects, these house extension policies can, at first glance, seem quite restrictive. As Altrincham Architects we have undertaken a substantial amount of planning applications within the Trafford Council area. We are also Accredited Planning Agents for Trafford Council recognising the quality of our architect planning applications in Altrincham.

There are many Architects in Altrincham, however, Hunter Architects & Planners provide a unique Architectural Design for all forms of homes including expert Architectural Design and Planning Consultancy Services.

Discover Hunter Architects and Planner’s contemporary, elegant designs in Altrincham here

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