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RIBA Architects Poynton House Extension, remodelling and bespoke new homesIt’s a rewarding opportunity to be able to craft your own home in Poynton, one that has the potential to exponentially alter your life. At Hunter Architects, we deliver the excellence, efficiency and professionalism you’d expect when realising a dream.

Working with a small number of clients each year, we specialise in the design, renovation, extension and remodelling of existing houses as well as new bespoke self-build and speculative homes. For each our focus is you.

You’ll be inspired by our ceaseless ambition to explore and create your perfect home as together we seek that elusive equilibrium – a home in Poynton that responds to every demand and occasion of life while balancing the financial, functional, practical and technical aspects of your build.

Architects Poynton planning permission for garden land outside of the settlement boundary.

Our most recent project, in Poynton, was granted planning approval by Cheshire East council
for a development of land just off Lostock Hall Road. Our clients had purchased a home on the edge of the settlement boundary of Poynton, which benefitted from a substantial front orchard garden parcel of virgin, greenfield land, albeit with drainage issues and itself located in open countryside.

Initial sketches, by a local designer, had sought an unimaginative scheme, which we were concerned unlikely to achieve planning permission from the Council or fit in well to the pattern of development or the architecture of Poynton.

Working as Architects & Planning Consultants, we developed a strategy for the development of two substantial family homes which was ultimately recommended for approval, significantly raising the value of their landholding.

Planning permission was granted for the planning application and our client ultimately (following substantial interest) sold off one of the two plots to a self-builder. This allowed our clients to then construct a bespoke home for themselves and remain in an architecturally designed home in Poynton.

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