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Your new home or house extension designed by Prestbury Architects

Prestbury has always been a popular village in south Cheshire and forms one of the Golden Triangle villages with Wilmslow and Alderley Edge.

RIBA Architects in Prestbury House Extension, remodelling and bespoke new homes In recent years new speculative development and a range of house extension improvements have brought a new lease of life to Prestbury. Hunter Architects have experience of contemporary bespoke self-build family homes and house extensions in Prestbury. There are a range of sporting activities in Prestbury and the village has excellent transport links to Manchester and Macclesfield. Hunter Architects also work within the Conservation Area of Prestbury while creating modern designs. Many of the buildings within the conservation area are also Listed Buildings. Consequently a good understanding of the character of the area is vital.

Prestbury is a popular location for a range of people including families footballers and business leaders as a result has some of the most valuable houses in the UK.

As a Prestbury Architect, we understand why our clients want to live in the area and how the existing housing stock can be improved. There is a range of older detached family homes in Prestbury. As a result and as an Architect, we can see have fantastic potential to extend, remodel or create replacement dwellings.

Please have a look at an example of one of our Prestbury projects which most noteworthy recieved the support of the Prestbury Amnenity Society as well as another remodelling project.

Our RIBA Chartered Architects can turn your dream home in Prestbury into reality.

Established in 2007, Hunter Architects & Planners has earned a reputation as specialist Architects as a result of their friendly, efficient and exacting service. In addition their elegant and contemporary designs sets them apart.

We have planning, conservation and sustainability experts in-house in addition to many years’ experience and knowledge. We offer clients an inspiring while reassuring service that’s approachable and supportive.

Company founders Ian and Gillian Hunter have first-hand experience visualising and realising a build. In addition they also recognise the rewards. As a result you’ll find a human approach at the heart of everything they do.

Our clients are parents, couples, retirees and individuals. Binding them all is the belief that life is for living and so is building a home that helps you to enjoy it. Design-conscious and family-orientated, they seek Prestbury Architects who understands their drive to create a home that improves their lives.

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