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If you’re looking for help with Trafford planning permission you are in the right place.

Trafford Planning Permission granted for a wide range of planning applications Trafford is a prosperous borough of Greater Manchester to the south of Manchester city centre.

Comprising some key towns including Altrincham, Sale, Stretford, Urmston and Flixton. In addition affluent suburbs such as Aston-upon-Mersey, Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon, Timperley, Dunham Massey, Warburton and also West Timperley are popular places in the south of the Borough.

Trafford is a popular place to live and work. Maybe as a result of this it is also home to some unique places in the Country including the Trafford Centre and is complementary leisure facilities. in addition, other key places include the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester United’s Old Trafford football ground, Lancashire Cricket Club and the National Trust property at Dunham Massey.

There are great transport links, including the Metrolink, the train network, the motorway network and Manchester Airport. Consequently this makes getting around Trafford, and connecting to the wider area, very easy.

As a result of the popularity of the borough, the area now has some of the highest houses prices and most expensive streets in the UK. Combined with this (and maybe because of it) the area also has some of the best services, facilities and schools. There are 7 Grammar Schools (Altrincham Grammar School for Boys etc.) and all of them are in the top 10 performing schools in Greater Manchester.

Local Planning Authority: Trafford Council.
Trafford Planning Department Details: Website.
Address: Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0TH.

Accredited Trafford Planning Agent.

We are an Accredited Trafford Planning Agent. This means we have agreed to abide by the Council’s code of practice when submitting Trafford planning applications for householder schemes. In addition, it means we have a “proven track record of submitting good quality” Trafford planning applications.

We are also an LABC Partner with Trafford Council Building Control Department for Building Regulations applications. The LABC Partnership allows us to have a working relationship with Building Control Officers. This helps provide a streamlined and fast track building regulations application process.

Our experience and high-quality building regulations design packages enable early liaison with Building Control Officers. This early liaison can be beneficial to include discussing issues and complexities of house extension, home remodelling and new build home projects across Trafford.

Trafford Planning for householders.

Trafford planning department has published a supplementary planning guidance document (SPD) entitled “SPD 4: A guide for designing house extensions and alterations”. This document helps “householders wishing to extend their property or carry out other domestic alterations”.

It sets out what Trafford Planning Department would normally give planning permission for and also what they won’t.

The guidance document can be quite restrictive in what it suggests Trafford planning department would accept. The nature of your existing house and what house extension you wish to undertake is an important starting point. For example, keeping 1m distance to side boundaries or not allowing side gardens of corner plots to be built on can often be quite limiting.

For larger house extension and home remodelling projects, we can work within Trafford Planning departments guidelines to create high-quality designed substantial homes. Such homes need to be compatible with local character and do not adversely affect the amenity of neighbouring properties.

We have a wide range of such obtaining Trafford Planning Permission for our projects including example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4.


Architects Trafford House Extension and New Homes approval

Our experience with Trafford Planning

We have lived and worked in Trafford for over 15 years. We have a wide range of experience in Trafford planning as Architect, designers, planning consultants and as a homeowner/ resident.

Living in the borough, we have a vested interest in helping to improve the built environment. In addition, we also want the area to continue being a great place to live and work. We have seen and been proud to be involved with, a wide range of developments across South Manchester and beyond.

As Architects, we consequently have undertaken a wide range of projects in the area. These projects include obtaining planning approval for the smallest single-storey rear extension (LINK), loft conversions and also single and two-storey side extensions. At larger scales, we also work on corner plots, large whole house remodelling projects, new self-build homes and speculative residential projects.

In addition, we work on a wide range of Trafford planning permissions for commercial, retail and leisure uses including within the countryside and Green Belt.

We have overcome numerous challenges over the years trying to obtain Trafford planning approval as Architects. Applications such as backland development, changes of use, Conservation Area consent and Certificate of Lawfulness.

We have obtained planning permission using the pre-application process, outline and full planning applications. In addition, we have won planning appeals after Trafford Council had refused planning permission.

See our planning page for further information on our services an experience.

Commercial & Residential RTPI Planning Consultancy Services across the UK

This website is dedicated to residential and bespoke domestic projects, however, we have a wide range of experience obtaining planning permission for a wide range of sites and across different sectors.

If you are a developer, land-owner, business, private client, Architect and/ or designer looking to achieve approval or submit an appeal for a site or building, across the UK, please have a look at our sister website - Plande.

Please contact us to discuss your particular project, needs and issues.

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