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Architects Wirral Planning Wirral is among one of the most iconic locations in England. The peninsula covers an area of 60 square miles. It is separated from Wales by the River Dee and from Merseyside by the River Mersey.

Historians have referred to Wirral as the birthplace of England owing to the Battle of Brunanburh in 937. England’s entire military might came against the combined armies of Norway and Scotland in this battle. Roman philosopher Ptolemy mentioned the ancient tribes of the area in historical records from the 2nd century AD. As a result, the culture, buildings and heritage of the area present a blend of vintage design and subtle modernism.

Wirral is known for some things besides the picturesque surroundings and mesmerising architecture. It houses secret tunnels like the one under the traffic lanes at Birkenhead. It is the location for the filming of many classical and iconic movies over the years. The area has a wide range of listed buildings, conservation areas, natural reserves, lighthouses and windmills. All these elements combine to make it one most popular places to live and work.

Architecturally Wirral is quite diverse with a range of styles and use of materials, although red sandstone is a predominant material. There are some significant landmarks, including Port Sunlight and Hamilton Square although lesser known buildings such as the Devon Doorway, Thurstaton Church and Parkgate hold fond personal memories.

Local Planning Authority: Wirral.

Architects Wirral and what makes them stand out


Having designed and managed projects for clients in the areas like Wirral Hunter Architects have the pedigree to comprehend and execute elaborate projects in the area.

Coupling area-specific expertise with their knowledge of contemporary and vernacular architecture, our team makes sure that they deliver results that leave little left to be desired.

At Hunter Architects and Planners, we strive to provide our customers with services that exceed their expectations. Our team of experienced designers, planners and architects survey and study each project extensively before initiating even basic drawings for it. We perceive residences that complement the surroundings beautifully.

We can deliver architecture in the Wirral that deliver results that are elegant yet simple, and sit well against the beautiful backdrops of the Peninsula.

Our decorated list of exquisite designs and satisfied clients speak volumes about the quality of service that we provide.

You can get in touch with us, In order to learn more about the projects that we’ve worked on or to discuss your dream home.

Our personal connection as Architects Wirral


Ian’s family were originally from the Wirral and lived and worked across the peninsula in areas such as Neston, Heswall, Thurstaston, Birkenhead, Irby, West Kirby and Parkgate.

As such Ian spent a lot of time in the area and continues to do so with the next generation. As a child, visiting and staying in Wirral was a regular and enjoyable occurrence, and whenever he comes back, the area feels like coming home.

Whether riding along the Wirral way, stopping for an ice cream at Parkgate, walking to Hilbre Island, taking the ferry to Liverpool, visiting Ness Botanical Gardens or any of the other plethora of things to do, the peninsula provides a big inspiration to this day.

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