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Speculative Residential Homes and Apartments – Architects & Planners

Our experience and capabilities provide a unique service for you.

While a large part of our work relates to bespoke homes, we also work and have a wide range of experience in the speculative residential sector on a variety of scales from the smallest single dwelling development, through mixed use urban apartment schemes to multi-phased developments of over 100 dwellings. In previous employments our employees have constructed numerous speculative residential properties, including apartments, small and large family homes as well as speculative residential houses for property developers and house builders.

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Maximising site potential and negotiating the planning maze

Unpicking the guidance and using creative thinking to create modern family homes

Whether the site is for a single dwelling, a development of houses or a multi-storey block of apartments, developing a robust and appropriate strategy to maximise the site potential and understand the context are vital to the success of any project.

Constant tinkering and evolution of the planning system and planning polices create uncertainty for developers and as such it is vital to appoint an experienced and capable team with good relationships within the industry and relevant Local Authority to create an appropriate, implementable and robust planning approval.

RIBA Chartered Architects in Cheshire East and West

Delivering Clear And Straight-Forward Advice to a Range of Clients

Our experience and capabilities provide a unique service for you.

For speculative projects our clients are usually either non professional developers (for example a home-owner looking to develop part of their existing garden or having purchased land or buildings to develop) or professional developers (including house builders, small builders, housing associations etc).

We can work with you to simply secure planning approval, so that you can market the land for sale and benefit from the increased land value, or we can take you through the construction stages to sell the completed properties.

For single dwellings, often the process and issues are similar and to that for our bespoke self-build homes and we recommend reading through the website for further information. With our experience of bespoke homes we can bring a sense of what the future occupiers may want.

For larger schemes, either homes or apartments, understanding the likely requirements of the occupiers and market generally as well as developing a suitable brief and strategy will help to achieve a successful development that will deliver the required returns as well as creating a sense of place and quality integration into the existing context.

If you have a site that you are looking to obtain planning approval for or to develop please contact us.

RIBA Chartered Architects in Cheshire East and West

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