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Are you looking for a Bungalow Extension across the UK?

All you need to know about how to plan and design the perfect bungalow extension

Bungalow extension projects often provide a unique opportunity to create additional space. Traditionally bungalows sit on large plots. This gives a range of options to construct a bungalow extension. Even if your bungalow sits only on a small plot, there are still many options to consider.

Once considered for the elderly, Bungalows are now attractive to a wide range of occupants. This is due to a range of reasons. Having all habitable rooms on one level, future flexibility and adaptability and access to the garden. In addition, the rise in popularity in apartment living mean that bungalow extension projects are now very popular.

If you are looking for more living space as part of your bungalow extension project, there are many potential options. Garden Rooms or Orangeries , single storey extensions, family room extensions or kitchen extensions are among the options. At Hunter Architects & Planners we have undertaken many similar extensions, and a range of examples are in our project gallery.

Dormer Loft Conversion

If you don’t have the plot size or have the ability to utilise the existing roof space, dormer loft conversion projects or bungalow roof extensions are a good option.

A dormer loft conversion usually requires suitable head height within the main roof to warrant such a bungalow extension. Adding a dormer loft conversion often doesn’t increase the footprint of the bungalow. It can therefore can be efficient for small or constrained plots. Planning considerations are a key element when undertaking dormer loft conversion projects. Potentially such bungalow extension additions can be permitted development. This will depend upon several factors, however, including location (within Conservation Areas, Article 4 Direction areas etc.), previous roof extensions and where facing a highway among others.

Planning permission for dormer loft conversion projects may be required or be beneficial. This is especially the case if combined with a larger remodelling project or additional extensions. Many planning authorities, however, including Trafford Council, have policies restricting the size, location or design of such bungalow extensions.

As part of our work on whole house remodelling projects, we have also undertaken dormer loft conversion projects where the existing dormers are removed or replaced. Such considerations are key whether as part of a wider remodelling project or for a bungalow to house conversion projects.

Bungalow Conversion to house - existing image
Dormer loft conversion existing house
Bungalow roof extension existing
New Build Chalet Style Bungalow
Architect for Bungalow Conversion to house - proposed image
Architect for Dormer loft conversion bungalow extension planning
Bungalow roof extension to create new front entrance planning permission
Remodelling of dormer loft conversion.

Bungalow Conversion

Where the existing ridge height of the bungalow roof is not high enough or where substantial additional bedroom accommodation is required a full bungalow conversion could be a possibility instead of just a bungalow extension. Adding a complete additional storey or substantially increase first-floor space can help convert a bungalow into a house.


The following case studies illustrate very different scenarios:

Bungalow conversion (Bungalow to house conversion)

Bungalow Conversion Extension in Sale, TraffordOur clients owned a good-sized bungalow on a large plot and sought additional bedroom accommodation as part of a bungalow extension. The bungalow had previous flat roof extensions. However, the plot would likely have taken additional single-storey extensions. The bungalow sat adjacent to traditional Victorian two-storey properties. As such, we thought that planning permission would be possible for a bungalow to house conversion.

Please click here for more information on the project

Bungalow Extension and Remodelling, including a master bedroom suite

Front entrance and Side Bungalow extensionThe original property had not had many improvements, or bungalow extension, since its original construction. The house sat on a generous plot close to the village centre.

As part of the redevelopment of the site, the rear part of the site was separated and planning approval granted for a new dwelling. Due to this limited rear garden, no rear bungalow extensions were possible for the property. The roof space was also limited, therefore a dormer loft conversion extension wasn’t appropriate.

The bungalow underwent a substantial renovation and extension. This included new bedrooms and an extended family room to the front of the property. A new feature entrance was added to the property to modernise the home.

Bungalow Extension and Remodelling, including master bedroom suite with balcony.

Dormer loft conversion and bungalow extension projectBefore contacting us, the householder had previously received two planning refusals for the substantial remodelling of and extensions to their detached dormer bungalow. The bungalow extension planning applications failed for many reasons. The reasons included the proximity, over dominating and overbearing effect to the adjacent property, scale, massing, height and bulk.

As part of the strategy, a planning appeal was submitted. This successfully argued each element while considering a more appropriate design and resubmission of a fresh planning application.

The planning inspectorate agreed with the majority of the arguments put forward, albeit a small single storey side section which wasn’t critical to the revised design. This gave us a good starting point for negotiations with the planning department.

The Council granted Planning approval for this revised bungalow extension scheme, including dormer loft conversion elements. Our design was more efficient and appropriate and increased the scale of the extension by approximately 9% from the refused schemes.

Single Storey rear garden/ family room with first-floor bathroom and new house entrance.

bungalow roof extension to create double height spaceThe existing house was a bespoke design created by the owner over 25 years ago. Working with the same owner, we looked to remodel the existing bungalow. The brief included creating a new entrance and a contemporary garden room.

The nature of the existing roof pitch allowed for the creation of a new bathroom at first-floor level via new gable bungalow extension. The garden room structure also allowed for a balcony at first-floor level, making use and giving a function to the existing corridor.

Photographs/ Images © Hunter Architects & Planners

Please note that the above comments are given as a simplistic overview of bungalow extensions and should not be treated as specific advice.

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