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House Remodelling – the Architect for your home remodel project

House Remodelling projects and remodeling homes are Hunter Architects speciality and passion.

Since our inception in 2007, we have worked on a wide range of house remodelling schemes, including where no additional space is needed to projects where the existing remodeled home is barely recognisable in scale and appearance afterwards.

We have obtained many house remodelling planning permissions, utilising our in-house planning expertise including within the Green Belt.

House Remodelling – an unique opportunity

Many of our clients come to us with a house in a great location, close to good schools, family and friends, and a lovely setting and gardens, but the house just isn’t quite working for them. They need extra bedrooms, a study to work from home, a better link between the house and garden, and a kitchen and family room that they can entertain in, but adding yet another extension to the side or back of the house isn’t always the right answer.

In some cases, the house is physically big enough and the brief is not about adding space, but the spaces just don’t work for modern family life. Maybe there is a tortuous rabbit warren of corridors linking a series of small poky spaces or made worse by previous extensions. Or perhaps you can’t see the amazing views over the garden because there is a badly planned utility room or existing staircase in the way. If this sounds like your project, then you are in the right place; these are the home remodelling projects that we love!

Many clients also want to add extra space as part of their house remodelling project and this raises its own issues and opportunities. Increasing the space without considering the flow of the house potentially compounds any existing problems.

Remodelling your home creates a unique opportunity to address the problems with your house. In many cases, a series of badly planned extensions have been added to the property over time which makes the house feel disjointed, and the spaces just don’t flow. Maybe an ugly flat-roofed dormer was added to create more bedroom space, but the house now lacks kerb appeal and is the ‘ugly duckling’ on the street. Perhaps the house has a series of small, dark, poky spaces but what you want is a modern, elegant living space. Maybe you have the right number of bedrooms, but you would like these to be more spacious with ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms.

The following projects are all examples of house remodelling projects.

Please see our Case Studies page for more projects.

Self Build Homes Architects Backland Plots Tandem Developments

Re-Presenting in Prestbury

Contemporary front extension exterior house remodelling and re-working of a traditional detached house

Self Build Homes Replacement Dwelling

Timeless Elegance for a hidden gem

Hale house remodelling & extensions to a family home

Self Build Homes Architects Cheshire Brownfield Infill Plot

Extending and Enhancing 

Home Remodelling and House Extension to a family home in Cheshire.

House Remodelling – Challenges & Opportunities

Every house remodelling project has a different set of challenges and opportunities, but that is what makes them interesting.

For many people, changing the look of your home may not be the main driver for the project, by considering the house as a whole, there are often changes made that can improve the external appearance of the home. Similarly, the whole house can be made more energy efficient, with better insulation levels and air tightness to the fabric as well as the installation of more efficient heating systems.

Is it cheaper to remodel a house or rebuild it?

Many of our clients ask this, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Often a home remodelling project will involve substantial structural works which can be costly. These costs can often be reduced by retaining key structural elements and working with what is already there, however, if you are considering taking away more than is being retained, it may be more cost-effective to start again.We have a wide range of expertise and capabilities, relating to self-build homes, and can help you through each stage of the project. Please see our dedicated page for more information.

Whilst this stage can only be a brief resume of the various aspects of the project, it highlights the need for high-quality professional advice and assistance from the earliest stages of the project.

If you are looking to remodel your home, please contact us to discuss how we can assist to build your dream.

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