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Lifetime Homes

Lifetime Homes is a concept to develop flexible and adaptable homes. Furthermore incorporating elements to support the changing needs of individuals and families at different stages of life. Many planning authorities therefore require new build homes to incorporate the LTH standards.

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Lifetime Homes (LTH) – what are they?

Lifetime Homes are homes incorporating 16 Design Criteria that can be universally applied to new homes at minimal cost. All 16 Design Criteria must therefore be met for houses to classed as Lifetime Homes.

The 16 Criteria

The 16 criteria for Lifetime Homes are as follows:

1) Parking (width or widening capability) and
2) Approach to dwelling from parking.
3) Approach to all entrances in addition to
4) Entrances generally.
5) Communal stairs and lifts.
6) Internal doorways and hallways.
7) Circulation Space (also staircases).
8) Entrance level living space in addition to

9) Potential for entrance level living space.
10) Entrance level WC and shower drainage.
11) WC and bathroom walls.
12) Stairs and potential through-floor lift in dwellings.
13) Potential for fitting of hoists and bedroom/ bathroom.
14) Bathrooms (also en-suites).
15) Glazing and window handle heights.
16) Location of service controls.

At Hunter Architects & Planners we have personal and working experience of the Lifetime Homes (LTH) Regulations. Furthermore we have constructed several dwellings to the standards, including in Cheshire and Manchester. As Architects therefore we can assist with their integration into your project as well as explaining the benefits and opportunities. Call or email us today for more information and to discuss your project.

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This is personal, so we recommend meeting face-to-face for a head-to-heart discussion. We want to grasp exactly what you’re looking for while understanding more about what is achievable in time, space and budget.

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