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Architects obtain Anglesey planning for replacement dwelling

Purchasing a dilapidated timber-framed house on a prime spot within Red Wharf Bay, our clients sought Anglesey Architects to create a high-quality but easily maintainable holiday home, for use by their family as well as paying guests.

The brief for Anglesey Architects required an understanding of what makes a family home as well as the needs and issues of holidaymakers and in particular with respects to the unique location. Being so close to the beach and sea meant that in Summer the house would require to be open to the views and allow for the drying of clothes etc whereas in the Winter the house would need to protect the residents from the worst of winter and provide a cosy and warm place to return to, while still providing views over the changing landscape.

One of the key aspects for our clients, in appointing Anglesey Architects was to achieve additional bedroom accommodation on the first floor. The original dwelling had been the subject of a loft conversion which provided small bedrooms with low ceilings which we were not considered suitable for modern standards. As such the proposals sought to raise the eaves and ridge height of the existing dwelling.
Anglesey Architects need to understand the context, particularly the planning policies and requirements when seeking planning permission for a replacement dwelling.

A new Supplementary Planning Guidance, for replacement dwellings and conversions in the countryside, had recently been introduced, to supplement the Local Policy TAI 13. The policy and guidance placed restrictions on the principle of such a replacement dwelling as well as the suitability, size and design of the replacement dwelling. Anglesey Architects will need to be familiar with the essence as well as prescriptive nature of the policies and requirements in order to obtain such planning approval, particularly like in this case, where the brief seeks to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and where neighbouring properties had been refused planning permission for a replacement dwelling due to the scheme not being in accordance with the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Plan policies.

Hunter Architects & Planners, acting as both designers and Planning Consultants, successfully argued, without the need for a Financial Viability Report, that the principle of the Anglesey replacement dwelling, should be allowed, and the existing dwelling was not economically viable to retain. In addition, we successfully justified the scale and size of the new home did not have a significantly greater visual impact compared to the original, even though the house was substantially bigger allowing the planning application, in Anglesey, to be granted.

The design of the replacement dwelling in Anglesey, by Hunter Architects & Planners sought to reflect the existing dwelling and its context but to update the scheme to suit modern living standards and features as well as slightly re-orientating the dwelling to make better use of the views and prevent overlooking from and to neighbouring properties.

As the property was to be used by both the Owners and holiday-makers, the layout was considered to have elements of flexibility, with features such as a dressing room that could be used as a separate bedroom, to help increase the rental value and therefore the viability of the building.

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Photographs/Images © Hunter Architects & Planners & Dan Wood & Build It Magazine

Project Overview
Location: Anglesey – Ynys Môn
Type: Replacement Dwelling
Status: Planning
Local Planning Authority: Anglesey County Council
Features: Bungalow; additional storey; sea view; coastal; additional bedrooms; master bedroom suite.